Developer tooling for the Frappeverse 🪐

Born out of a need to improve developer tooling for Frappe, "Commit" allows you to visualize your app's database schema and view all it's APIs - improving developer productivity and security of your critical applications.

Developer tooling for the Frappeverse 🪐

Code analysis on every commit.

Commit works with any Frappe app by analyzing the app's codebase.

Analyze any Frappe app

Select multiple DocTypes to view a complete entity relationship diagram of your Frappe app.

Select DocTypes from modules

Dig deeper into a DocType's properties and fields.

View DocType Details

Easily find any whitelisted API in the app and view it's details and source.

API Explorer

Upcoming Features

Features that we plan to build in the near future

GitHub Integration

Commit will be able to generate automated DocType difference reports on every pull request. No more reading through large lines of JSONs while reviewing code.

Hassle-free API documentation

Export all APIs to your preferred client with auto-generated documentation - run every time an API is touched.

Version Changes

Users will be able to compare APIs and database schemas across multiple app versions

Multi-app ERDs

View ERDs from DocTypes across mutliple apps at once

Custom Field support

Viewing customizations made on standard Frappe/ERPNext doctypes

Export Database Diagrams

Download entity relationship diagrams in your format of choice.

Built by The Commit Company

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Ready to dive in?

Commit will be free for all open source projects